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glamoroustype's Journal

Jordan McDeere
15 July
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I am a tragically dull 23 year-old TV obsessive.
I have a degree in Media and Cultural studies which is absolutely useless when looking for a job.
I've never seen Star Wars, and because of the reaction people have to that statement, I never intend to. (UPDATE: I watched Star Wars. It was awesome).
I've completed Zelda: Ocarina of Time for the N64 at least 15 times.
I'm obsessed with collecting DVD boxsets. My favourite is my Six Feet Under boxset, which is pretty much the sexiest thing ever.
Like I said, I'm really dull.
I go by the username JordanMcDeere on most social networking thingys (Twitter, Tumblr etc), in case anyone feels like adding/following me.